Thursday, September 7

Life is good,

And when you're blessed to see James Brown perform live in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter, life is great. The funky fucking president, goddamn.

Wednesday, September 6

I'm coming home to you,

So wear something see through. (C) Saadiq.

Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen, bloggers. It's very nice to see you. I hope you've been keeping my seat warm. And by seat, I mean Inquisitional chair, and by warm, I mean hot because I'm about to start roasting mothafuckas. Eugh. (C) Weezy.

The first Mo Cash blog seems like ages ago. I was a high school senior in Amsterdam. Now I'm a New York college drop out in Los Angeles. I'm residing in the desert because I don't have to pay rent and I had no idea LA was... well, LA. Come December, I'm selling my Bently (Oldsmobile) and shipping back to New York with a few thousand dollars (200$) and my gigantic penis (mediocre) looking for work, women, and wi-fi. In the meantime, I've brought the blog back to life to shit on random people who don't know me, post up MP3 mixes (podcasts are for suckas) and chat about the daily.

Ok, take care.

Sunday, February 26

Coming Soon

Two weeks... Hold up!

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